Latitude91 - About us

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Who is Latitude91?

Latitude91 is a platform for the promotion of tourism and commerce.

The goal is to create an Internet website dedicated to tourism in which the users, you yourselves are who contribute with the information that fills the web.

Latitude91 not do any review neither add comments or criticism abour places. Thus, data on the web: Criticism, comments, images, etc. .. each one has its origin in a person like you, interested in sharing their ideas and opinions.

Behind this project is a team in order to create the best tourism website you can find.

So if you think you can contribute with any ideas, comments and criticisms are welcome, because the goal is to improve each day. Also sorry for the bugs (we know they exist) and we intend to correct them every day.

Thank you very much for you to use this website.

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Esteban Olm