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Advertise on Latitude91

There are different forms of advertising on the web:

  • Adding your business (free)

    If a professional (already signed up) adds his business, this one will appear on the map, in the search bar and in search engines. Moreover, the business will have its own page with all the information about it.

  • Making offers and promotions

    A professional (and registered) can make offers and promotions about his business.. To do this, login with your username and password and go to the My Places and offers page.

  • With a custom ad campaign (banners).

    If you are interested in promoting your business in a different way to which we give for free, you may send a petition indicating what you want to do an advertising campaign.

    Some data of interest regarding custom campaigns:

    • They have a higher priority than the free services offered to professionals, and showed as many times as agreed to in its specification.
    • Can be based on number of ad impressions, or over a period of time or both.

    To contact:

    • Send an email to info[at] with the subject:


    • Specify in the email: which is the goal of the campaign, desired length of it, type of campaign you wish (banners, personal webpages, etc. ..) and any information relevant to develop an appropriate response.

    We will reply as quickly as possible, establishing a budget and timetable.

  • Creation of custom web and/or mobile applications

    We are experts at creating websites and mobile applications. Our company offers programming and web design, also programming of custom mobile applications.

    To contact:

    • Send an email to info[at] with the subject:


    • Specify in the same email address the needs of your company and contact information. We will contact you as briefly as possible.

What appears to the user on the map or on the website depends on different computerized processes wicth not fully ensure that the user sees certain information. This depends on many factors, such as the filter that the user has put on the map, the zoom level of the map, server load, free or not free given service, etc ... So, not sure that the user sees a given information and therefore we can not ensure that the user will see information about your business.
Of course, non free advertising campaigns and/or advertising imply the obligation to show them under the agreed conditions.

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