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Conditions of use and legal information

Any dispute or misunderstanding due to translation between this text and its spanish version, the Spanish version is the valid one.

Legal information and Conditions for,,,,,

For simplification, using the name "Latitude91" in this document refer to any of the sites linked to domains,,,, or .

IMPORTANT: The access and navigation using Latitude91 and/or use of the services offered here implies that the user accepts the privacy policy, the legal notice and conditions of use of this service. If you do not agree, you should not use Latitude91.
NOTICE: This page applies only to sites that are under the Latitude91 domains.

Legal Information

In accordance with Article 10 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, services of information society and e-commerce reports:

Domains,,,, or and registered marks L91, Latitud91 and Latitude91 are independently owned and operated by:

Creador: Esteban Olm.
Dirección fiscal: Avenida Barbera 147, 3-1 - Sabadell 08203 - Barcelona - España
NIF: 34735745H

Administration: with the subject ADMINISTRATION
Notice abuse: with the subject ABUSE

About user data

In accordance with the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), Latitude91 managers report that there is ownership of a file in which shall include data necessary to inform users that require it or provide services that users request.

The holder may exercise the rights recognized in the LOPD on this file, and in particular those of access, modification or cancellation of data and opposition, where relevant, the revocation of consent to the transfer of your data in terms under the LOPD. Users can perform these actions by editing their own data in any of the Latitude91 websites or by sending a request to info[arrobe]

The users publication of interesting sites(including text, images, video and any media), comments, votes and news sent voluntarily by users' are not private data but public. They are associated with feedback for other users. Latitude91 managers can retain this data in order to maintain the consistency of published information and the remittance of all users.


Latitude91 files do not contain private data or information needed to identify individuals, except the file with the contents of the private data of individuals or companies that maintain a business relationship with Latitude91 or have registered as professional users.

The companies that serve ads from Latitude91, or those with access to statistics, might use cookies for statistical purposes. Users can eliminate or prevent the sending of these cookies from your browser options.

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Disclaimer of warranties and liability

Latitude91 managers do not guarantee the legality, reliability, accuracy, completeness, timeliness and usefulness of content.

The establishment of a link, hyperlink, link exchange, does not imply in any case the existence of relations between Latitude91 managers and the own of the web site with which it is established, or the acceptance and approval of its contents or services.

It is prohibited to link directly to a Latitude91 page content (photos, images, video, and any objects linked through a URL). If you want to link some external content from a website, it has to make a link to the web page that contains it.

Latitude91 managers exclude any liability on sites linked from this website and can not control and they do not control that in such websites appear contents whose may be unlawful, illegal, contrary to morals or good manners or inappropriate. The user must therefore exercise extreme caution in assessing and using information, content and services available in the linked sites.

Latitude91 managers excludes all liability for news and information published by users o third parties and this liability shall be liable to users or others who come from.

Terms of Use

The title text and geolocation of inserted sites, as well as the category in which they are inserted, it must reflect and not to distort the contents of the site. The geographic location of a place has to be the most accurately as possible. Latitude91 reserves the right to move a place if we think its location is incorrect without notice.

Latitude91 is not a forum, and although they allowed in comments made by the sites users are not permitted discussions between users or to generate news.

Direct advertising (including banners, pictures or advertisements) in the pages and in the title or description of a site is completly forbidden without the express consent of Latitude91. A user can include links to external sites, but can not include any kind of publicity on the web to advertise that link or others. Professionals who want to use the web for this purpose has to create a "professional" user and the are subject to are subject to these specific rules and professional users' rules.

The user shall refrain from writing and sending links wich are defamatory, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, promoting racial, ethnic, religious, homophobic or gender, violence or incitement to violence, which affect the privacy and/or rights of children.

The pages and links included by users should be accessible and visible and immediate public without registration, payment or additional procedures.

The user shall refrain from using any of the services offered in Latitude91 for illicit purposes or illicit effects, harmful to the rights and interests of others, or which could damage, disable, overburden, impair or impede the normal use of services, equipment or documents, files and any stored content on Latitude91 or any external servers or linked from Latitude91.

The user shall refrain from harassing, threatening and obtaining or disclosing private information to third parties.

The user shall refrain from using Latitude91 with the aim of
  • the promotion of an exclusive website, business, blogs or networks of affiliate links (spam), with the exception of the links from the pages created by professional users, which are subject to the terms of use of professional users.
  • political or ideological marketing campaigns (even if the promoted site does not contain direct advertising), or link to them.
  • Free provocation or unreasonable annoyance to other users and readers of Latitude91
  • Transmission of false or fabricated information.
The user will refrain from creating multiple accounts in order to promote websites, participate in discussions mimicking the views of different people (astroturfing), supplant any person or try to artificially alter the counters of votes and create multiple users with single purpose of circumventing the restrictions and penalties overall system.

The user shall refrain from attempting to promote the vote from third party sites through the use of techniques other than those offered by Latitude91.

The user also respect the rules proposed and improved by the users themselves.

Failure to comply with the terms of use may mean locking the user account, deleting and/or editing of the offensive or incorrect text and the appropriate measures and complaints under the law in Spain and Europe.

To improve service and minimize problems, managers Latitude91 reserve the right to amend and update the usage conditions without prior notice.

Code of Conduct Latitude91

Like any community, Latitude91 need some rules to work. Observe and respect them is in the interest of the whole community and is the kind of behavior is expected of all users.

But given that some users could not comply with these rules and behave improperly for the proper functioning of the community is necessary to try to define the types of behavior that can cause temporary or indefinite loss of user account:

Mild Abuse

Abuses that are considered minor in Latitude91:
  • Use the site to Finnish unclear, other than personal or those for which it was created, including: appointments, out of place personal conversations, exchange or share files, and repeated indiscriminate promotion staff, etc.. Means that this acts are completely unrelated to the normal performance of the community. Common sense is the only guide.
  • Start or comments to deflect issues, personal or offensive than the issue of transfer, or fill the content of comment spam.
  • Send offensive news to individuals, communities, races, etc.. with the sole aim of causing irritation.
  • Use nicknames or avatars-offensive, irritating or lead to confusion or supplant identities through the use of avatars and/or confusing names.
  • Causing large discussions, spam, repetitive complaints or comments.
In front of any of these acts an advanced user (gold users, which will identify themselves as such) or the managers of Latitude91 will contact you either by mail or reply to a comment and request the user to lay down his attitude and rectify his actions. In case of not obeying the user can be deprived of access to Latitude91 means of temporarily or permanent disabling the account.

Serious abuses

Are considered serious abuses in Latitude91:
  • Submitting false information, clearly wrong, or titles and descriptions that considerably distort or manipulate the background information of the described place.
  • Write and send links wich are defamatory, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, promoting hatred or racial ethnic religious, violence or incitement to violence, which affect the privacy and/or rights of children.
  • Attempt to disable, block or disrupt the service by any method of computer exploitation of vulnerability or error code.
  • Insulting anyone, minor or discredit in public, either through news, comment or any method available in Latitude91.
  • Repeatedly engaging in mild abuse without showing any intention to participate positively in the community.
  • Exchange files with third-party copyright and/or that this files infringe copyright regulations.
Any of these acts before the user is denied access to Latitude91 without any notice.

Terms of use for professionals

Those users registered as professionals users must:
  • Meet all the terms of use led to normal users.
  • Professionals who have registered in Latitude91 are aware and accept possible -positive or negative- criticism by users, and do not take any lawsuit action against Latitude91 and negative criticism if they deem detrimental to their business. Latitude91 as a forum for users, supports any kind of criticism as long as the conditions of use.
  • Any links to other web pages added by a professional has to refer directly to a page with additional information from the business. It will not be valid -and will be removed -any link to other generic websites that do not provide direct information about the added business. For example:
    • A link like: added by the owner of a restaurant called my_restaurant is not valid and will be removed, as it leads to a generic web without specific information about this business.
    • In contrast -following the example- the link, it will be valid as long as this page directly gives information about this restaurant.

Condiciones de uso para entidades

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Conditions for deals publication

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Conditions of the deals appliance

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Conditions of subscription for banners

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Derechos de propiedad intelectual e industrial

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Proveedores externos de servicio

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Law and Jurisdiction

These terms of use are governed by Spanish law, being competent courts of the city of Barcelona to deal with any issues arise regarding the interpretation, application and enforcement of the same. Users, by virtue of its acceptance to the conditions set out in this legal notice, expressly waive any privilege that may apply, by application of the vigent spanish Civil Procedure Act.

The user, by accepting these conditions, have read and agree to the terms of use defined here, and is subject to the changes made in them.
Latitud91, Latitude91 and L91 are registered trademarks by the website owners
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